Visit - Study - Work

Apply for a Visitor’s Visa

Do you need a visa to enter Canada on a temporary basis? We can assist you in a simplified and time-effective manner.

  • Tourist

  • Short-term studies (6 months or less)

  • Visit a friend/family member

  • Super visa (for parents and grandparents of Canadian PR/Citizens)

Have you had your visa application refused? Request a refusal report (ATIP) and re-apply.


Extend your Stay in Canada

Are you currently in Canada on a temporary basis and would like to extend your stay? (Visitor, international student or temporary worker) Contact us prior to the expiry of your current stay and request an extension.

Have you gone out of status? You have 90 days after the expiry of your current stay to request a restoration of status. If you are in the grace period, contact us to apply for restoration.

Apply for a Study Permit

Have you been accepted by a DLI (Designated Learning Institution) to pursue ESL/FSL (language), secondary or post-secondary studies in Canada? Contact us and apply for a Study Permit.

International students in Canada are eligible to work in and out of campus (part-time) and to apply for a work permit (PGWO) after graduation. Contact us to learn more.


Apply for a Work Permit

Who qualifies to apply for an Open Work Permit (no LMIA required):

  • International students who graduated in Canada (PGWP);

  • Spouses of international students or foreign skilled workers in Canada (SOWP);

  • PR applicants and their family members (BOWP);

  • Participants of special programs (IEC);

  • Refugee claimant and TRP holders

If you do not qualify to apply for an Open Work Permit, you might require a job offer supported by a LMIA. An LMIA application must be made by an employer that is interested in hiring a foreign skilled worker.

Citizens of the United States and Mexico might qualify for a WP under NAFTA (no LMIA required). For more information about LMIA or work permits, please contact us.