Family Sponsorship

Sponsor your spouse or Common-Law Partner

If you are a Canadian PR or Citizen, you might be eligible to sponsor your foreign Spouse or Common-Law Partner to immigrate to Canada. Bravo Immigration is here to make this process as easy and seamless as possible.

Services Fees

  • In Canada Spousal Sponsorhip: CAD 2200 (Include Open Work Permit Application, if applicable)

  • Outside Canada Spousal Sponsorship: CAD 2300 (Additional fees might apply depending on the applicant's country of origin)

  • Add depended child: CAD 500/per additional child

* Please note that government fees are not included on the above-listed prices.

* Please note that the prices listed above do not include HST (13%).

If you wish to sponsor a depended child (only), or your parent/grandparents, please to book a consultation or contact us to request a quote.


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