• Canadian Experience Class (CEC)

    For international professions with Canadian work experience (12 months of work experience in Canada required)

  • Federal Skilled Worker (FSK)

    For international professionals with no Canadian experience (12 months of continuous professional work experience required - from any country)

  • Federal Skilled Trades (FST)

    For skilled workers with experience on a qualifying trade (Industrial, electrical and construction trades; equipment operators and maintenance; supervisors and technical jobs in natural resources; cooks, butchers, bakers; etc.)

  • Provincial Nomination (PNP) - Express Entry Streams

    Being nominated by a province can substantially increase your likeability to receive an Invitation to Apply (ITA) under the express entry system. Talk to a consultant and explore the options available.

Working With Us


Understand your profile, have your questions answered and developed an immigration plan.

  • In-Person: CAD 115/hour

  • Skype/WhatsApp: CAD 100/hour


Application Review

Considering launching your profile or submitting your Permanent Residence application independently? Have an experienced professional review your paperwork and avoid common pitfalls and errors.

  • Profile review: CAD 200/hour

  • PR application review: CAD 450/hour

Full Representation

Rely on our team to strategize, prepare and submit your immigration application.

This service includes:

  • A personalized checklist of the required documentation upon signing of the contract;

  • Express Entry Profile launch;

  • Employment letters drafting and NOC Code identification;

  • Representative submission letter;

  • Full assistance during the process and regular updates on your application (Acess your file through our Client Portal)


Full Representaton fee breakdown

  1. Retainer fee: CAD 1000 - Upon signing the Retainer Agreement (available for eligible candidates only. Please book an initial consultation prior - consultation fee will be discounted).

  2. PR Application fee: CAD 1500 - Upon receiving an Invitation to Apply (ITA).

Possible additional fees:

  • Additional family member(s), Spouse: CAD 700; Dependent children: CAD 400.

  • LMIA, if applicable: CAD 1500 (starting at)

  • PNP application, if applicable: CAD 1000-2000

* Please note that prices listed do not include HST (13%).

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